"We have been at Kipling since 2012 and enrolled our fist baby into the Nursery Program - as a first time mom I was very anxious about what facility and which caretakers would be caring for our daughter. We interviewed and inspected several facilities and it took no time at all for my husband and I to realize that our daughter would be in the best of hands at Kipling. The caretakers truly love on your children and with more than one caregiver per room it allows for the staff to take breaks without any interruption in having hands to care for the kiddos. Once our daughter moved to the toddler group we were also so pleased with the onsite chef and the amazing, healthy food that offers such a variety of flavors and textures for kids. The video login allows parents to check in on their children allowing for a sense of connection even when apart. Even though my husband and I both work, I would still choose to enroll my kids at Kipling. We now have two girls that are both enrolled at Kipling and the teachers and staff feel like a part of our family. We are so grateful for the effort that is made behind the scenes to ensure that quality is a priority. Thanks KSA!"
- Nicole P.

"My daughter has been at Kipling Street Academy since she was one. She’s off to Kindergarten next year and will miss KSA immensely. She’s never ready to leave when I come to pick her up in the afternoons. The teachers are young and fun and have made such a positive impact on her early years. As parents, we appreciate the flexibility of pick-up and drop-off times and that healthy meals are included. Our younger daughter is just now beginning her KSA journey, and we are confident she will have a similarly positive experience."
- Emily & Chad C.

"Both of our children began with Kipling at 3 months old. Our youngest is 6 months and oldest is almost 4. We chose to tour Kipling based off recommendations and its strong reputation. Their attention to detail stood out on the tour and confirmed our desire to send our kids to Kipling.

As a new parent, this was the toughest decision we had to make and we couldn't be happier with our experience. They have an amazing ability to identify and hire the perfect people to care for our children. Our oldest boy has thrived at Kipling and it's been a joy watching his friends grow as well.

Although it was difficult dropping our little girl off at 3 months, it was made easier knowing exactly who and how she would be cared for. It's obvious she loves her teachers as our oldest has always loved his.

Our experience at Kipling has been an amazing one!"
- Nick & Kristi C.

"We have had our daughter at KSA since she was 11 months old, and she is now 4.5 years old. We absolutely have loved our time here and would recommend anyone to this school. It is one of the best in Houston thanks to the amazing teachers. They have all been loving, attentive and motivated to helping our daughter grow and develop. I chose KSA because of the amazing facilities and program, and for our almost 4 years there, we have not been disappointed!"
- Jennifer S.

"My daughter Lillian started in the Nursery Rhyme room in January. Although she attended a great school previously, we were really excited about moving her to Kipling. We love our teachers- they are creative, engaging and cool under pressure. They truly care for the children and are supportive of the parents. And hands down, the menu is the best in town!"
- LaTonya T.

"I just wanted to send a note to recognize and celebrate our teachers at Kipling. The teachers in the Forest Room did an outstanding job of including the infants in the festivities this year and put together a great program for the infants and parents. I was so impressed. Also, the Castle Room did a great job organizing a song and experiment. It was so much fun to see the children excited about her amazing volcano experiment. Our oldest son loved it and now our middle son is enjoying the opportunity as well. We are so lucky to have a history of great teachers at Kipling. The teachers really work so hard to create an inclusive and educational environment for our children and we appreciate it every day, but it was especially noted during the open house last week. Thank you!" - Amanda and Chris G.

"As always thanks for all that you and team Kipling do" - Chris

"The Space Week activities and decorations were absolutely fantastic. The Kipling staff members always do excellent work, and last week was exceptional. Remy was so excited to tell us about "blast off" and "space ship". Thanks for all you do, we really appreciate it." - Matt B

"We appreciate your dedication and care. Thank you for an excellent job with Rodrigo. We are very grateful." - William

"We would love to thank you for the time and years Tanner has spent at Kipling Street Academy. Since he was 14 months, he has been blessed to be a student here and we are greatly appreciative of that opportunity." - Jackson

"Thank you, Courtney!!
We can't say enough great things about The Kipling School/Kipling Street family as a whole. You all continue to amaze us and we are so thankful for each of you.

"We have loved being at Kipling Street Academy, and Lacey has thrived there. Ms. Patria, Ms. Rosalynn, and Ms. Maribel are amazing, and we feel so lucky that Lacey got to be in their class. Ms. Tracey and Ms. Courtney have also been wonderful directors, and we have loved our experience at KSA. We continue to enjoy time with our KSA family!
Rebecca, Tony, and Lacey"

"Just a quick note to say what a great job everyone did with the dino week open house!
Ms. Tiphany and Ms. Toni taught the Castle Room a dino song that the kids performed for the parents, it was great! And then they did a cool volcano eruption experiment that Caroline loved. The teachers in the Forest Room had a sweet little program for the babies and even provided snacks for the parents and raffled off an orchid! It was so, so sweet!
The hallway decorations this year were awesome – we have really enjoyed dino week! Great job, KSA!

Dear Parents,
We wanted to let you know that we received our annual state Licensing inspection today, and we did not have any deficiencies! All of the teachers were wonderful and were able to show our Licensing representative how we go above and beyond the Minimum Standards with our everyday routines and activities. Before she left, our rep said, "it's not like this everywhere," and told us how nice it is to start her day at our schools!
We are so proud of our staff and just wanted to share the good news. :) We hope you have a great day!
Thank you,
Courtney Reif & Tracey Waldroup

"That is great news. Thanks for sharing and for the excellent work all of you do.
Kind regards,

Congrats to everyone!
"We deeply love our Train Room teachers and everyone at Kipling who goes above and beyond to respond to our questions and to nurture our daughter. During bath time this evening, I asked Wren what things she likes and she said 'chicken, chocolate, fun, Miss Liz, Miss Angelica, and Miss Erin.'
Thank you all so very much,

"Felix has been in excellent hands at Kipling, and we have been extremely pleased with the quality of education and overall care he has received. So much so that we are enrolling our son Max at Kipling as well.
Tobias R."

"The whole family of teachers and administrators at Kipling has been supportive and loving in the years that Gavin has attended. We appreciate the strong foundation that everyone at Kipling has helped to provide. Thank you for everything!
Donald S."

"We have truly been blessed by this school over the last 4 years. My children have had the best care and the best experience we could have possibly imagined. I appreciate everything you all have done for my boys and our family. It was such a relief to go to work every day and know that my children were being so well taken care of physically, academically, and emotionally."
- Anna F.

"We are very grateful for the opportunity we've had to attend Kipling. All of her teachers are truly wonderful and it's been amazing to see Lillian flourish under their care.
Best Regards,

"Thanks so much for providing such wonderful care to our kids!"
- Julie & Daniel

"Thanks Jennifer, it's definitely a bitter sweet moment. I can't thank you enough for the last eight years. I will be eternally grateful for the education and care my boys have received at Kipling. I feel very lucky to have been a part of the school for so many years. Blaze did get a lottery spot at River Oaks Elementary with his brother. I owe that great gift to the incredible teachers they've had along the way.
Angela A."

"We have enjoyed having the kids attend Kipling and know we will miss everyone. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Henry and Bailey! We are amazed at their growth over the past years and appreciate your dedication to providing quality education. Sincerely,
Jessica R."

"This will be Charlotte's last month as at KSA. She's been so happy and is doing so well, but she got into the PreK class at Kolter where she'll go to elementary. We will miss y'all! I can't tell you how much it meant to me that you got her in after the flood. I will be forever grateful."
- Catherine C.

"Hi Jennifer,
We want to thank you and all the staff at Kipling for teaching and taking care of John. You all will truly be missed by us and John included. We wish you all the best!!!" - John C.

"Dear KSA Administration,
We are grateful for the time that Ellery has spent at KSA as a student and we are so proud to see her move on to kindergarten as a qualified vanguard student. Thank you to the administration, teachers, and support staff that made her first school experience so wonderful.
Best Regards,
Michael and Elizabeth"

"I just wanted to thank you, all the teachers and the KSA staff for everything that you do for our kids! We had a lot of fun at the pajama party today and all this pre-holiday week was just wonderful! Our kids LOVE going to school every day and have learned so much since they started at KSA just about seven months ago. I couldn't be happier. The teachers do a great job!"
- Olga & Andrei

"Dear Jennifer,
I wanted to take a moment to recognize the great work that the teachers do. My son Hugo started in a toddler class, and the difference in him is truly astounding. He loves going to school every day and I am amazed at how well he has adapted and that he is constantly in a good mood since he started. He is much more interested in reading in the evening and much more interactive. It is clear that he is growing and developing thanks to the care he is getting. We are very grateful that he is in such good hands."
- Cara

"I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the KSA personnel for the wonderful job you have been doing for my kids. Both Masha and Vasya enjoy attending KSA very much. It has been a great pleasure for me to communicate with the KSA teachers and staff for all this time. Your professionalism, competence and flexibility are very much appreciated. I have been very happy with placing my kids at your school. Thank you!"
- Irina

"We have enjoyed our time at KSA. We cannot say enough about how wonderful the staff at KSA have been."
--Jeff and Joy

"We have found that KSA is one of our favorite things about Houston! We truly appreciate the great care our kids have received."--Emily

"We have really enjoyed KSA and appreciate all that you and your teachers have taught Austin. He has learned so much and I know that his teachers have helped mold him into the sweet little boy he has become!"--Vanessa

"The last day of school for both Abdullatif and Lolwa will be December 27. I would like to take this opportunity to that you and your staff for all the support you have given me and my kids. My kids have been fortunate to be part of Kipling Street Academy for the last two years."--Fahad

"I have truly enjoyed our experience at KSA. Ella loves each and every one of her teachers and she is growing into such a confident little lady. I know we will not be able to duplicate our experience in our new town. Thank you for providing such a wonderful, safe, caring and learning environment for Ella. We will always treasure the memories we made while Ella was enrolled at KSA."--Rebekah

"We've been so impressed with both Kipling schools and the incredible love and passion your teachers and staff have shown. Lilah has made tremendous developmental strides in her time there, and we will continue to recommend Kipling to everyone we know."--Nathan

"I want to thank all of the KSA personnel for the wonderful job you have been doing for my kids. Both Masha and Vasya enjoy attending KSA very much. That has been a great pleasure for me to communicate with the KSA teachers and staff for all this time. Your professionalism, competence, and flexibility are very much appreciated. I have been very happy with placing my kids to your school. Thank you!"--Irina

"Dear Jennifer: Thank you so much for being such a great help over the past year and half!"--Constance

"Our daughter just recently transferred into your school. I just wanted to tell you personally, that within only a few days time that I am very glad that we made the switch to Kipling St. Academy. I am very impressed with your schools email correspondence that I feel adequately provides the information that a parent needs to have, as well as, the perks of a live internet feed to be able to watch you children during time away. Also, I may note, I like the daily child care reports filled out by your staff in our child's classroom. Thank you for your, and your school's professionalism!"--Dallas

"My daughter has been a student at KSA since August of 2009. She was a crying five-month-old then. During her time at KSA she has developed into an articulate four-year-old child with a keen interest in a variety of topics. I can't stress enough how she has blossomed in the nurturing and stimulating environment that her KSA teachers have provided."--Elizabeth

"We love Kipling. We feel our child is safe, loved, nurtured, and appreciated. Kipling hires wonderful, energetic staff that are qualified to teach. I also like that I don't have to bring my child's lunch and snacks. Viewing him on the website is a must have for me as well, and Kipling offers that."--Susie

"This is our 6th year at Kipling. Our first born Rahul spent 3 years in Kipling before moving on to Kindergarten. He was already ahead of the learning curve thanks to all the things he learned at Kipling. So Kipling was the obvious choice for our daughter Reethi. She loves going to school every day. We love knowing that she is in great hands!" --Anjali

"I am extremely happy with the care my infant and toddler are receiving at Kipling. As a mother, it is difficult to leave your children in someone else's care every day, but the teachers and staff at Kipling put my mind at ease. Not only are their basic needs met, but the curriculum offered is excellent and sets Kipling apart from just a regular daycare center."--Veronica

"Kipling facilities and staff are wonderful, the facilities are well thought out and curriculum has the right balance of play and learning for all ages. All of my daughter's teachers have been amazing, she loves them and they make you feel part of a family in each of the classrooms. My relatives are amazed with just how much our daughter knows and understands at such a young age and this is a credit to the staff and methods used at Kipling. I already have my new daughter enrolled to give her the same great start." --Kellie

"After moving from France we were blessed to get our daughter into KSA on August 1, 2012. Our daughter did not speak a word of English (she spoke French and Spanish), and they were so accommodating with a teacher that spoke Spanish in her class and another that spoke French that would come check on her on a regular basis. Ana now speaks English, she has a lot of friends and loves going to "school". Thanks a lot to the entire KSA team for being so caring."--Bertrand

"My wife and I are very happy that we enrolled our twin boys into Kipling Street Academy. The boys enjoy their classmates and the teachers. The teachers are very attentive to each child in the class. The teachers go above and beyond their duties to care for each child. We receive reports from the teachers daily and through conference reports. We are very pleased with the staff at Kipling Street Academy."

"I'm so glad a school with high standards like KSA finally exists! It's a state of the art facility, very clean and child-friendly. The teachers are awesome and very involved in every child's development. I love the art projects and how the teachers supervise a friendly social interaction between the kids. KSA has a very friendly and loving ambiance! The children are all very happy and engaged in a lot of learning activities."--Kerstin

"I am glad I found KSA. Rahul looks forward to going to school every morning. What we like is apart from all the fun and games (that Rahul enjoys so very much), he also has structured lesson plans that are preparing him for Kindergarten. It gives me comfort in knowing that he loves it there, and is so well cared for by his teachers and other staff."--Anjali

"My daughter has been enrolled in the infant room at Kipling for 5 months now and we could not be happier! Her teachers are amazing with her and we love talking to them every evening about how her day was. They really seem to know our child and her likes and dislikes. Kipling feels more like a home than a daycare. We would (and have) recommended Kipling to our friends because we know that this is a great place to care for your child. Thank you Kipling Street Academy!"--Susan

"We have had our daughter at KSA for about a year and a half, and could not be more pleased. Each of the teachers she has had has been amazing. They are warm, caring, funny and fun - the perfect caregivers. Our daughter adores them, frequently telling us that they are her best friends. Under their care, she has blossomed from a shy introverted toddler into a happy, outgoing preschooler. As an added bonus, she has also learned things well above and beyond what we would have expected for her age. We would highly recommend KSA for anyone looking for exceptional care for their child."--Shannon & David

We were lucky enough to find the place that shares our values and approach to child development and discipline. It gave me the peace of mind as a new mother and allowed me to go back to work knowing that (my daughter) is happy at KSA (cameras helped a lot). She learned how to communicate with other kids which is something that I could not give her at home. When I see a weekly workplan on Mondays, I know that she will learn something new this week and I am very happy with her progress."

"We love KSA! Our son enjoys learning and playing in the warm care of the loving teachers. The day-care is state of the art, and a very exciting place for our little one. We are very happy we chose KSA."--Fabio

"There are many places where they can 'watch' your kids but if you want a place which provides true care that actually teaches it's only Kipling Street Academy"--Juan

"Our daughter starting day school was a big change for our entire family. The teachers and staff at Kipling Street Academy provided the extra attention and care to ensure the most comfortable transition for all of us. Kipling Street Academy is an Amazing place! The intimate scale, light filled classrooms, variety of activities, and friendly staff provide the perfect environment for our daughters home away from home."--Tracy

"I feel like the quality of care at KSA is excellent. His classroom is clean and well organized, and the teachers are engaging him in activities much more that the previous school he attended."--Melissa

"Warm, clean, attentive environment. Sami loves his teachers and his school!!! We no longer feel guilty when we drop him off in the morning, because when we pick him up he is smiling and playing happily"--Fiamma

"One of the best things about Kipling Street Academy is that I feel comfortable leaving my girls there everyday. I know they are in good hands and are getting excellent care. I also really appreciate that you and the teachers are working to help me get the girls on a nap schedule."--Megan

"I am truly happy to have Maddie enrolled at KSA. Her teachers are so caring and make us (parents) feel welcome. I also appreciate their willingness to give us feedback each afternoon about her progress and challenges. I really enjoy the arts and crafts she makes, it's nice to see that she is getting stimulation during the day. KSA is really more of a school than a daycare."--Raven

"We have been so happy with the quality care and education provided by KSA. My daughter loves all her teachers and loves going to school every morning. The school is well-managed, very clean and organized, and provides an age-appropriate curriculum that includes art, language, music, and learning through games and play. We simply adore KSA and highly recommend it to any parent looking for the right school for their child."--Sherry

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the amazing teachers at KSA for taking such great care of my son and helping him learn and grow in so many ways. I have never had to worry about Ethan when I drop him off at school and having that peace of mind is just so wonderful. Thank you for all that you all do."--Leilani

"Leaving your first born after a four-month maternity leave is not easy. You wonder if the people caring for your little one are going to understand her, you wonder if they are going to think she is as wonderful as you do, you are filled with all sorts of anxieties. Like any parent, I had all sorts of concerns. After our first day at KSA I was able to breathe freely. Annie is well-cared for and loves school. She has patient teachers that have been kind and understanding in so many ways. I am so pleased with the level of care that Annie is getting and could not ask for a better situation. KSA is outstanding."--Elizabeth

"In the time that Ezra has been with KSA, he has learned and grown so much! I appreciate the outstanding care and diligence that you and your staff have maintained with my son - our family will be forever grateful. We love and trust his teachers to the fullest, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. Thank you for you high standards and your hard work in making sure that Ezra was always well-cared for, happy and safe."--Tiffany

"I want to thank you and all of the teachers at Kipling Street Academy so very much for taking such excellent care of our daughter. We have been delighted with the quality of the school and teachers."--Leslie

"The time has come to give official notice of Beatrix's departure. Of all the things we will miss in Houston, KSA may perhaps be the one that will be hardest to say good-bye to. Beatrix's time here has been truly special and we will never forget the wonderful experience and development she has enjoyed at your school."--Jim & Karen

"I want to let you know how amazing your school is. I realize that even more after moving away. I felt like I could truly say Samara was going to a school, not a daycare. I wish we were still in Houston just so she could attend your school. Thanks to you and your wonderful teachers, who were so kind and thorough."--Cheyenne

"I want to congratulate you on a bit of genius regarding Kipling Street Academy. I have visited and spoken with nearly 30 daycare/preschools and have yet to find an equivalent. The ratios and attention paid were particularly valuable at William's age, the curriculum was exceptional, and the staff was wonderful. I've seen new and old buildings, clean and dirty, private and corporatized, cheap and expensive, and KSA has found the right mix of so many things that make what I think a center should be like. I'm glad William had a chance to experience KSA."--Stephen

"Hi Jennifer! First of all, I just want to say that I think Kipling Street Academy is the best child care facility ever. I tell that to everyone who makes that "sad face" when I tell them I dropped Van off at school for the day. I think all of the teachers in Van's class have been great and I know Kristy is thrilled with how well her kids have adjusted there."--Amy

"I am compelled to make sure you know how much my wife and I admire the institution, and in particular, the environment you've so carefully cultivated at Kipling. You are all so very organized, attentive to detail, perpetually pleasant to interact with, transparent, and so completely thoughtful in how you go about cultivating all of those young people rightfully trusted to your care. I tell everyone who will listen just how lucky we were/are to have found you. Yours is not a simple or at all stress-free profession and yet even when you simply must be having a bad day elsewhere in your lives, you remain kind and absolutely dedicated to the children."--Thomas