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Our Passion...Their Future.
Several years ago when I had my daughter, I decided to leave my career and stay at home with her so I could offer her 24-hour love, care, and support in a nurturing environment. Around the age of two, she seemed quite brilliant. Her language and memory skills far surpassed her peers. She was the sweetest most loving child I had ever seen. However, I started noticing that on group playdates and outings, while she was "perfect" one-on-one, she was a bit timid and unsure in social settings with big groups. It was then that I embarked on my journey to find the perfect classroom environment. She needed the social skills I could not give her at home alone with me. What she needed was group interaction with other children on a daily basis. Not just any child care or preschool setting would do for my child. It had to be the nicest, the cleanest, and safest. It had to pick up where I left off, building a love of learning for future success, teaching values, setting goals, while giving my child lots of love and support.

I went to countless numbers of Houston schools, preschools and child care centers. Some were old and outdated, some seemed dirty. Those were not an option. Others had a staff that just sat around chatting with each other and "watching" the children, rather than interacting with them and peaking their curiosity for new things. These schools were definitely out. In my opinion, they provide a disservice to children, rather than fostering the wonderful opportunity they have been given to teach a child new things. There were a couple of nice Houston preschools and child care programs, but the wait lists were outrageously long. What was a concerned parent to do?

When I became pregnant with my son I decided that with my education, background and experiences, and two small children of my own, I should build a state of the art, brand new, clean preschool and child care center for my children and other children and parents in the same situation. Quality care that actually teaches was my goal. Kipling Street Academy opened its doors to the public in October 2007. In 2012, we established The Kipling School on Shepherd, adding our Elementary school in 2014. Kipling Street Academy and The Kipling School continue to grow and now proudly serve infants through eighth grade between four buildings at two locations, with expectations to open our dedicated middle school building in 2023. I am confident that you will find the highest quality of care and education at Kipling!
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Kipling Street Academy is a private child care center and preschool in Houston licensed by the State of Texas. KSA was designed from the ground up as a top-of-the-line facility for our most precious gift, our children. Our Passion... Their Future... Your Houston Preschool and Child Care Center.

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